AC Delco: 

ACDelco has a wide variety of top quality automotive parts in order to keep your car or truck running in the best possible condition.

ACDelco has a tremendous history that encompasses almost 100 years. With new advances in parts technology, new inventions and innovative ideas, ACDelco holds the highest standards in the industry.


ACDelco has a wide variety of Automotive parts like:

- Batteries - Water, fuel, oil pumps
- Oil, fuel and air filters - Clutch plates
- Transmission filters - Hoses and clamps
- Engine, clutch and   transmission oil - Belt tensioners and fan   belts
- Spark plugs and -cables - Shock absorbers
- Brake pads an -linings - Airconditioning parts
- Wiper blades - Ignition parts
- Vehicle car products - And much......much more

ACDelco parts guarantees longer durability for every single part they sell and meets the highest standard in Automotive engineering.

Visit our parts department, and let us inform you why you should use ACDelco parts. There are several brochures available that gives you all the information on our ACDelco parts we have.